Breathwork, Movement & Meditation.

I offer Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Creative Meditation™ for in private, couples,  group sessions and companies.

In the Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Creative Meditation classes and workshops you learn and experience how physical and emotional tensions can be released into a calm focus, and creative energy with short guided breathwork, movement, and meditation/mindfulness exercises.

These transformational exercises come from authentic Indian and Tibetan Yoga & Pranayama (breathwork) and science/evidence-based breathwork and mindfulness and are highly effective and efficient.

  • The direct effect on energy and focus of a 3-5 minute breathwork exercise can be similar in experience han a 30 minute Wim Hof  Method (or similar breathing ) session.
  • The direct effect on tension release of 3-5 minute breathwork with a 3-5 minute movement exercise can be similar in experience han a 20 minute chairmassage.
  • The direct effect on tension release of 3 minute breathwork with a 5 minute mindfulness meditation exercise can be similar in experience han a 20 minute meditation session.

You don’t need a yoga outfit or mat though. Just join from the chair behind your computer.

To back up the effectiveness, a short explanation of how they work will be given.

So you’ll learn a few nice fun facts about breath and your own biology too!


Why  practice In the Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Creative Meditation™.

Long-lasting stress, without periods of healthy rest and recovery, gradually cause mental problems. These include a lowered immune system, anxiety, loss of energy, insomnia, burnout, and depression. Research has shown that stress can lead to mental health problems and burnout.

Furthermore, sitting long hours without movement at work can cause serious health risks, a Harvard study shows.

To deal with stress and lack of movement at work, we might do yoga, meditation, and sports once or twice a week,  before or after work or during the weekend. However, we hardly practice mindfulness or movement during our hours at work, where we actually need it the most.

This is where the Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Creative Meditation offers a solution. It  combines easy, time-efficient, and highly effective breathwork and mindfulness meditation excercises with light physical exercise/movements which release the typical  “office stress” areas (neck, shoulders, and back). It’s a guided group session between 30-90 minutes. Practicing this meditation mid-day will leave you with its benefits for the rest of your workday.

What are the benefits of  Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Creative Meditation™ ?

It helps to:

  • become more connected to your body;
  • have more energy;
  • have more focus, be more creative and perform better;
  • release stress and “stuck” energy via highly effective time efficient, easy, practical, breathing, movement and meditation,exercises.
  • experience creative energy and inspiration for creativity.


What is Breathwork?

breathwork \ ˈbreth-​ˌwərk  \

Definition of breath work

conscious, controlled breathing done especially for relaxation, meditation, or therapeutic purposes.
Yoga is a 5,000-year-old physical and philosophical discipline from India that joins the mind and body together through breath work, or pranayama, and postures, or asanas.— Hilary E. MacGregor.
Some general principles of breathwork are: make your breathing slower, deeper, quieter, and more regular whenever you think about it; deepen the exhalation phase of breathing by squeezing more air out of the lungs at the end of each breath … and keep your attention on the breath more of the time.— Andrew Weil



What is Meridian Movement ?

Meridian Movement combines  both gentle and more intense active healing exercises which relieve stress, transforms negative patterns, and helps us to be balanced and healthy. It increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life. 

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our bodymind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.

This form of Movement is a quick, deep , yet gentle and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind .


What is Creative Meditation?

Creative Meditation combines and  mindfulness & visualization mediation. techniques.

Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the moment-to-moment experience. It is all about awareness and living in the present moment.

Visualization helps to create a conscious intention from a deep relaxed state. This technique is used in Tantric Tibetan Buddhist practices and Indian Yoga forms like Yoga Nidra.