Event Agenda

Saturday May 6th,  13-14 hrs. Amsterdam, Bluebirds Oost.

 Get high on your own supply, 

Breathwork, Yoga & Meditation for Relaxation, Energy & Creativity.

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Do you want to experience more relaxation, energy focus & creativity ? And get high on your own supply in a fun and grounded/safe way ? ///
Energy, Focus, Creativity & Relaxation. Get high///.
The exercises help to generate specific states of relaxation, focus, energy and slightly psychedelic creativity.
In this 1 hour Breathing Circle we use some intense breathing and yoga excercises to transform stuck energy and emotions and calming breathing and meditation to integrate in a safe and grounded way.
This Breathwork Circle session combines :
– Tummo (Inner Heat), Bumpachen & Karmamudra  Breathwork, Tantra Yoga & Meditation  from the Tantric Buddhist tradition.
– Do In Yoga to open up breathing muscles and the lung meridians.
( From the Japanese & Chinese Meridian Medicine Tradition).
– Connected Breathing.
– Meditation.
Safety and integration ///
The “journey” you make in this lesson gently builds to an energetic climax that slowly tapers off. The emotion energy is thus safely generated and absorbed into your body and mind so that you can use it optimally after class.
Language :English.
Investment : €25 euro.
Book your ticket here at Hipsy.
Saturday 6th May from 13-14 Hrs.
BlueBirds Oost, Louise Wenstraat 186, Amsterdam (Oost).
Ivar van Hoorn :