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*****NEW EVENT :  17 DECEMBER 2023****

InnerHeat – Tummo Tantra Breath & Yoga Journey.

Breathe, move and feel your inner heat and bliss to get through the cold ,wet dark days with ancient breath, yoga and meditation/visualisation practices.

Tummo breathing, which translates to “inner fire or heat ,” is an ancient technique originally practiced by Tibetan Tantric Buddhists.

It’s a tantric yoga and meditation practice that uses bioenergetic breathing plus visualization to increase your inner fire.

The instructor Ivar van Hoorn has combined the essence of authentic Tibetan Buddhism Tantric practices which are backed up by science and years of his own experience into a 2 hour Inner Journey.


Benefits of Tummo Tantra Breath & Yoga- Happy chemicals, Creativity & Relaxation.

The exercises help to generate happy chemicals like endorfine, serotonine, DMT, that help you get through winter dips/depression
States of heat/bliss, creative states and finally deep relaxation can be part of your Inner Journey.
It’s also a great way so transform the Old year into New Years intentions.

In this 2hour Journey we use some powerfull exercises that can touch on stuck energy and emotions which can be intense (yet transformative).

Therefore at the end part we take plenty of time to calm down the energies and integrate them a safe and grounded way.

P.s. Although sexual energies /feelings can arise the goal of this Journey is not to work with sexuality specifically. There are also no sexual/intimacy excercises with others/partners involved.

The Tantra practices in this Journey are there to feel all emotions,feelings that can arise to transmute them into a peaceful bliss state.


This Journey session combines :

– Tummo (Inner Heat) Tantra Yoga & Meditation from the Tantric Buddhist tradition to open up and release stuck emotions and tension and connect to your inner heat and bliss.

– Yoga to open up breathing muscles and the lung meridians.

( From Tibetan, Japanese & Chinese Meridian Medicine Tradition).

– Connected Breathing

– Meditation/Visualisation/Intention setting/Integration.

Contra indications
You should not join if :

you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, or if you have a history of psychosis.

Feel free to contact me about this. If you can’t join in the group session , perhaps a moderate private session is optional.

Safety and integration ///

The “journey” you make in this lesson gently builds to an energetic climax that slowly tapers off. The energy is thus safely generated and absorbed into your body and mind so that you can use it optimally afterwards.

Language :English.

Investment : €40 euro.

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Sunday 17 December 2023 13:00 till 15:00

Bluebirds Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ivar – Coach/Instructor/Inner TourGuide///

Ivar van Hoorn was/is active as a filmmaker/creative, masseur and mindfulness and breathwork coach.

He’s been practicing Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (mainly Annutara Tantra Yoga and Dzogchen) for years and

He is an e expert by experience on the path of burn out and depression.

He has collected a widely usable toolbox from, in particular, Tibetan Tantra Buddhism & Shamanism , Indian, Japanese and Chinese health teachings and scientifically researched breathing techniques.

Ivar operates under the company names The MindBody Lab, Breathwork.Amsterdam and for creative projects De Digitale Sjamanen.

TheMind BodyLab.NL/Breathwork.Amsterdam.
Ivar van Hoorn